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31 Jan 2011 22:42 GMT

I am playing aenigma: soko 11. I have tried every way possible of solving that puzzle, and cannot find a 60-move solution. The minimum of 64 occurs most frequently, followed by 76 and even 87. No 60-move solution exists that I can find. Is it possible to h
28 Jan 2011 09:36 GMT

Level 23 in the Classic collection is updated. The bug is fixed
27 Jan 2011 04:25 GMT

I am playing the classic collection (41 levels). I have just completed level 23, but the game insists the level is not complete. I can provide a screenshot if necessary. Otherwise, amazing game. :)
25 Sep 2010 12:14 GMT

Built-in solutions for GRIGoRusha (levels N.1,3 and 8) are working. Tested in IE8.
23 Sep 2010 12:02 GMT

How come none of the solutions work on GRIGoRusha work?
05 Jun 2010 08:20 GMT

Seems Undo is realised in IE version
27 May 2010 18:51 GMT

why didn`t you put undo? thx
21 May 2010 18:54 GMT

10 Mar 2010 13:17 GMT

Nice site, many levels have solutions provided!
Pages: 12345...96979899[100]

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