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11 Feb 2011 06:26 GMT

To werbette: please log in and play, results are saved automatically! Total number of completed levels determines position in the champions list on the main page.
11 Feb 2011 02:50 GMT

anyone: how do I post a champion score? thanks!
06 Feb 2011 06:13 GMT

solve smallest move or push counts, as the fastest solution times depend on speed of motion (input) and can record many unnecessary presses quickly.
06 Feb 2011 06:13 GMT

Sorry about the chopped ending at the end of my last post. I was saying, the timer must be optional for those players trying to
04 Feb 2011 09:36 GMT

Thanks, Wayne. Adding a timer is a good idea!
04 Feb 2011 06:31 GMT

If I had a wish list, it would be as follows: 1) Last move undo (don't need more than that) 2) Separate push/move counts with separate max counts for each 3) Optional timer for fastest solution option Of course, the timer must be optional for those
01 Feb 2011 20:51 GMT

Thank you Admin, and Thank You verokio! :) I do not understand why I did not see that before.
01 Feb 2011 10:42 GMT

Thanks to verokio, the short solution for aenigma:soko11 was found. It is published now.
31 Jan 2011 22:44 GMT

Is it possible to have the 60-move solution added to the level so that I may see it? I am giving it credibility only because there are three players with that score.
31 Jan 2011 22:42 GMT

I am playing aenigma: soko 11. I have tried every way possible of solving that puzzle, and cannot find a 60-move solution. The minimum of 64 occurs most frequently, followed by 76 and even 87. No 60-move solution exists that I can find. Is it possible to h
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