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13 Feb 2012 22:59 GMT

hola soy anonimus ahora me llama tomas1937
26 Jan 2012 14:49 GMT

GOOD JOB! admin1. it gives more incentive to have the 30 best ranked
23 Jan 2012 20:55 GMT

must not have been signed in. all of the ones I have done are completely lost. jeez, and here I was trying to be helpful.
23 Jan 2012 20:50 GMT

Thanks, that isn't the one that I found impossible after all. There's one that has a square against a wall yet there's no way to get it away from the wall since there's no opening to push it out from the back side or to move it to an open area. great, well, I am not about to go through every puzzle trying to find it. but when I do I'll post it. why do so few people load their solution steps? I have loaded all of mine, at least I think they loaded. there's no indication that anything happens when I replay the steps after clicking the load your solution thing at the bottom.
23 Jan 2012 04:16 GMT

to ernie: "Classic - Clove" is not a hard level. Try for example this sequence of moves: drddddlDuruuLDuruullrDurdlLLLLLulDrdLLuuldDurrrrrrrrrddlUruLLLLLLdlUUrduuLLdddrur rrrrrddlUruLLLLLLLulDrrrrrrrrrddddlUUUruLLLLLLLLrrrrrrrddddlUUUruLLLLLdlUruLLrrdr rrrrdddrdddlUUUUUruLLLLLLLuludDDurrrrrrrddddddlUUUUUruLLLLLLulDrrrrrrdddddllUUUUd dddrruuuuulLLLdlUUruLddrrrddddlluRdrUUUddddrruuuuulLLLdlUruLrdrrdddlldddrUUluRdrU UUddddrruuuuulLLLL
22 Jan 2012 19:15 GMT

You should mandate that a solution to ALL puzzle be posted by the developer. "Classic - Clove" is impossible to be complete.
06 Jan 2012 13:40 GMT

Grigr Special :: level 40 - Looks imposible, but it's not. Move the blue box in any direction and then click "undo", i.e. "history, move back". It's done! hehehe!
30 Dec 2011 06:25 GMT

JonA: Thanks. I never realized it could be used that way. I thought it was only for solutions being replayed. My apologies admin1.
29 Dec 2011 04:39 GMT

Several screenshots were added on the "Help" page. I hope they will be helpful.
28 Dec 2011 16:26 GMT

OK, I see how I can get to my best solution, but where are the other published solutions? Sorry to be so dense.
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