06 Jan 2012 13:40 GMT

Grigr Special :: level 40 - Looks imposible, but it's not. Move the blue box in any direction and then click "undo", i.e. "history, move back". It's done! hehehe!
30 Dec 2011 06:25 GMT

JonA: Thanks. I never realized it could be used that way. I thought it was only for solutions being replayed. My apologies admin1.
29 Dec 2011 04:39 GMT

Several screenshots were added on the "Help" page. I hope they will be helpful.
28 Dec 2011 16:26 GMT

OK, I see how I can get to my best solution, but where are the other published solutions? Sorry to be so dense.
28 Dec 2011 16:24 GMT

So where are the published solutions and how is the load your solution link supposed to work? I haven't found that in the instructions. For Wayne, there is a backup arrow and an automated backup arrow at the top of each puzzle.
27 Dec 2011 18:44 GMT

I wish you would add a last-move undo. I have had to restart a level too many times when I was most of the way through because the game did not register a key press. It sucks when the level is thousands of moves and you are near the end.
04 Dec 2011 18:13 GMT

Finally! I have beat anonimous' score on Atlas 6, Level 9 (Big Band) with 4173 total moves! I am stoked! heh
03 Sep 2011 08:41 GMT

THANKYOU for publishing solution for Castle of Surprises. I'm impressed with your rapid response. No wonder I couldn't do it :)
03 Sep 2011 05:40 GMT

The solution for Aruba: Castle of Surprises is published.
02 Sep 2011 15:42 GMT

Would u pls be able to publish a solution for Aruba: Castle of Surprises? Thanks.

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