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28 Mar 2011 01:11 GMT

Kevin: I have gotten to a point with Atlas 06 Level 9, but am having trouble with getting past it. I made a page to show how far I made it. Maybe you can see something I don't?
26 Mar 2011 23:00 GMT

I worked out the unlocked positions of the boxes by hand. I may have to concede this one. The final position does not seem to be achievable, and without it, the puzzle is unsolvable. I am still working on it.
26 Mar 2011 22:18 GMT

This puzzle is proving to be very difficult. There is obviously a solution, since someone anonymously solved it with 4205 moves. The key is finding a place to put one box, that allows the box that prevents solution to be moved. I have not found that spot, even in twenty different arrangements.
26 Mar 2011 20:39 GMT

Kevin: Since this puzzle has over 4,000 moves in its solution, I have elected to play it offline using Sokoban 3D and Expert Sokoban to help me learn the solution. I also play the one here to see what I can do with it in this form.
26 Mar 2011 05:20 GMT

Kevin: I am working on solving the big band puzzle. I'll post here if/when I solve it.
22 Mar 2011 18:43 GMT

I have been trying to solve level 9 big band in the Atlas 06 collection but am totally stumped. Is there a solution or at least a help?
20 Mar 2011 07:08 GMT

Score saving bug is fixed.
19 Mar 2011 21:50 GMT

I have a new problem to report. I used the workshop and added the levels that way. I played them, but there is no score. The same is true with verokio's levels. I played them, but my name does not show up in the scores.
19 Mar 2011 06:46 GMT

Thank you Wayne. The bug is fixed. Concerning the addition of new levels - currently the only way to do it is using a Workshop page.
18 Mar 2011 20:21 GMT

The description box in the workshop has a problem. As an example, I used this text: Test description showing truncation. What I see after saving is: Test description sho
Pages: 12345...9394[95]96979899

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