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18 Mar 2011 20:03 GMT

I also created a text file describing the levels. I could zip the 2 files and upload them, or email them to you, if you want.
18 Mar 2011 20:00 GMT

I call it the Asa Collection. I did not create the levels. They were in the editable levels portion of the Spectrum Holobyte version I downloaded. Some of them were not solvable, or were unfinished, so I made them playable.
18 Mar 2011 19:58 GMT

Is there a way to import levels to this site, or am I required to use the workshop? I have a set of 6 levels I would like to import. I have already made them in text format, and have played them in the Sokoban 3D game on my computer.
25 Feb 2011 06:51 GMT

Thank you Wayne. We have already found missing 'Level 06'.
25 Feb 2011 05:18 GMT

I'm sorry. I stated classic, when it is Thinking Rabbit.
25 Feb 2011 04:55 GMT

In the classic collection, you are missing Level 06. I have a copy of the Spectrum Holobyte version of the game from 1984. I can give you Level 06 from it, in text form, of course. I have also noticed a few differences between the classic levels and the SH levels, if you're interested.
25 Feb 2011 04:51 GMT

I was reading the latest comments here. Looked at the Home page for the second time since I've been here. The new levels section got me to thinking.
22 Feb 2011 05:40 GMT

reijerschoon: in general, builtin code shows only a possible solution, not the best.
21 Feb 2011 10:04 GMT

Hi Admin! In the Aenigma collection puzzle no 1 you show a solution with 86 moves. The record is at 78 and me myself managed to do it in 82 moves. What's up?
20 Feb 2011 11:39 GMT

to reijerschoon: Yes, it is possible! The solution is published on the "Atlas 01::2 in a box" page.
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