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21 Aug 2011 15:21 GMT

Great idea to include the country flags!!! It's good to know a little about ours "compagnons de route". Congrats.
06 Aug 2011 11:47 GMT

This is an awesome page! A big thanks for the one, who created this :). I hope to have a good time here ;)
28 Jul 2011 02:50 GMT

to JotaCartas: these levels do not influence on the gamer's rating, so they can be left
27 Jul 2011 00:58 GMT

To: Admin Dear admin, all 10 levels that I have created in the Workshop (JotaCartas), already exist in the collections (Classic and Thinking Rabbit) and thus can be deleted if you so disire.
01 May 2011 12:01 GMT

How can I get my best result in the list of best scores?
04 Apr 2011 08:38 GMT

4493... not anywhere near your score, or anonimous', but at least it is solved. Now I can start working on using less moves.
04 Apr 2011 08:13 GMT

reijerschoon: I looked at it. I didn't think of that arrangement. I am going to try it. Thanks
02 Apr 2011 20:07 GMT

Thanks Admin! And Wayne you can find my solution in the published puzzles area. reijerschoon
02 Apr 2011 19:19 GMT

Also, one of the levels I published is a different version of Thinking Rabbit #42. It has 1 less box/target, and a different arrangement of the boxes. Publishing it did not affect the original. I found those levels in the editable levels part of the Spectrum Holobyte version.
02 Apr 2011 18:59 GMT

reijerschoon: Thanks for helping. I am still learning the different lock mechanisms used in some of the puzzles. I have been trying to find the extra space to put the extra box, but have not been able to figure out how to get it there.
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