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02 Apr 2011 18:59 GMT

reijerschoon: Thanks for helping. I am still learning the different lock mechanisms used in some of the puzzles. I have been trying to find the extra space to put the extra box, but have not been able to figure out how to get it there.
02 Apr 2011 16:10 GMT

Published levels are placed in the collection named as their creator name. All user collections can be found here:
02 Apr 2011 16:00 GMT

reijerschoon: level created in the Workshop must be published in order to be visible to other users
02 Apr 2011 15:59 GMT

Kevin and Wayne: Stupid me, just realised you can't visit my workshop. What happens i I publish this version?
02 Apr 2011 14:00 GMT

Kevin and Wayne: Take a look in the workshop. There is a design that shows the puzzle once you've solved the lock gate. The extra place needed must be made at the lowest part of the puzzle.
01 Apr 2011 21:16 GMT

The last word in the last message should have been "category". I have solved quite a few puzzles, but there are many that are above my level. What would be helpful to me is if a better player could describe unlocking techniques.
01 Apr 2011 21:08 GMT

I have used two solvers to try to solve Atlas 06 Level 9 (which is Level 47 in the original set). Both solvers fail. To me, this puts the level in the "only solvable by players keenly adept at complex puzzles".
28 Mar 2011 01:11 GMT

Kevin: I have gotten to a point with Atlas 06 Level 9, but am having trouble with getting past it. I made a page to show how far I made it. Maybe you can see something I don't?
26 Mar 2011 23:00 GMT

I worked out the unlocked positions of the boxes by hand. I may have to concede this one. The final position does not seem to be achievable, and without it, the puzzle is unsolvable. I am still working on it.
26 Mar 2011 22:18 GMT

This puzzle is proving to be very difficult. There is obviously a solution, since someone anonymously solved it with 4205 moves. The key is finding a place to put one box, that allows the box that prevents solution to be moved. I have not found that spot, even in twenty different arrangements.
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