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20 May 2018 09:40 GMT

Няма ли 'новички' ?
20 May 2018 09:31 GMT

and: The page "more" does not change if you change your score
10 May 2018 00:41 GMT

Admin1: The script that highlights my username on the Champions page is no longer working. Also, the Archived pages seem to have stopped at 4.2.2018. Thx
13 Mar 2018 19:57 GMT

To Georgiev: в настройките на всеки браузър има опция за изтриване на история, посетени сайтове, както и "бисквитките". Добре е отметката на "бисквитките" да се премахне. А ако ползвате програми за изчистване на хард диска от ненужни файлове, там също трябва да се махне отметката на "бисквитките". Аз като правя нива от телефона, после от компютъра не мога да си видя решението. Малко нелогично, но така са го направили. Иначе поздравления за решенията, които правите. Bulgarian players - The Best!
13 Mar 2018 06:57 GMT

to daniel.brynkov: Благодаря за съвета, но не мога да го използвам. Аз съзнателно не изтривам нищо, даже не знам как се изтриват "бисквитките". Възстановиха ми частично част от файловете на повредения диск, но не съм си решил проблема. Нямам отговор на въпроса защо въведените на един компютър решения не са достъпни от друг.
13 Mar 2018 06:52 GMT

to Guenther: Thanks for the congratulations! I really spent a lot of time, sometimes at night. But "productivity" is mainly due to the fact that I have been solving Sokoban levels for over 20 years and I had a large number of resolved and optimized levels before I joined the site.
11 Mar 2018 20:40 GMT

To Georgiev: not delete "cookies" because contain information from the web server(site) to the your browser.
06 Mar 2018 19:27 GMT

To Georgiev: I have great respect for your tremendous performance, not only because of the complete solutions, but also because of the frequency of reaching place 1. In addition, you had a speed that I thought you would have to sit over the levels at night as well. CONGRATULATIONS !!
10 Feb 2018 08:16 GMT

to georgiev: all solutions are stored inside the browser, the site registers only the status - solved(unsolved)
08 Feb 2018 10:17 GMT

to admin1: In the source of the pages I found the solutions only at the levels with a "key" character. I'm not a programmer, but I understand that the solutions are read and written with a script and are invisible, even if they are then displayed on the screen. It turned out that reading of the decision must be made from the same computer from which the recording was made, otherwise the sign "star" sign out "Unsolved" and for solved levels. My problem is this: due to a hard drive failure on one of my computers, I lost the solutions on some of the levels, I do not know how big that part is. I was hoping to get them from you, but maybe I'll have to solve them a second time if you do not figure out another method.
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