Aim of the game: the boxes must be placed on target cells.

targettarget cell
keeperwarehouse keeper
boxmovable box
wallwall block
keyboard shortcuts
"Z" - undo move
"Y" - redo move
"<" - backward animation
">" - forward animation
"K" - backward animation (double speed)
"L" - forward animation (double speed)
"P" - stop animation
"U" - next catalog page
"D" - previous catalog page

Game Features:

  1. Moves undo
  2. Published solutions
    screeshot2 screeshot3
  3. Different themes (registered players only)
    click the gear icon to open the settings page and choose the theme
  4. Solutions are stored internally in the browser. They may be transferred from one browser to another.
  5. Snapshots. (Make your moves, click on button 'Show moves' (bottom right), then choose option 'Save Snapshot'.
    To reproduce your position later, choose option 'Load Snapshot')