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31 Jan 2018 08:51 GMT

to admin1: Unfortunately, the page works at the levels that are marked with the Reserved Solution, but for me 99% of cases this is not the case
31 Jan 2018 06:24 GMT

to georgiev: use the export page
30 Jan 2018 13:22 GMT

to admin1: Thanks! Do I have the opportunity to export my solution to each level?
30 Jan 2018 08:02 GMT

to georgiev: A great achievement! Thank you for your comment. I have found several duplicate layers from the previously deleted collection. Now the bug is fixed. Concerning solved levels - it seems one level (id 16795) is still unsolved.
29 Jan 2018 16:31 GMT

Congratulations on the great site. But why once I solved 100% all collections, the my end result is two levels less than the published number of levels and three less than the solved levels. Excuse me for my English.
07 Jan 2018 09:43 GMT

Many thanks !
06 Jan 2018 20:31 GMT

Hello Admin1, just solved a second time Chuchubi 851. My new solution with 31410 moves received "anonymous". So I stayed on the very worse rank. Can you help?
13 Dec 2017 00:11 GMT

hello neil
12 Dec 2017 07:33 GMT

Hello Everybody
09 Dec 2017 22:57 GMT

Admin1: Solutions saving again at 09 Dec 2017 22:51. No changes on my part.
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