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14 May 2017 11:59 GMT

So far, the first place in collections was determined by the following criteria: 1.moves 2.pushes 3.time And now MnLsDad is the criterion? The same player is fourth in the second and third criteria. Please specify the rules on this site to be honest!
08 Apr 2017 16:10 GMT

Poeppi: When viewing an individual puzzle, on the right control panel under PREVIOUS/NEXT/RESTART buttons is a text link "Unsolved levels". Click that and it will display your unsolved levels for that collection in the 8/page thumbnail format. While viewing, note that the left pane displays ALL the collections alphabetically. Each collection is followed by two numbers. For me the first line says "aenigma:: 50/0" meaning I have solved 50 and have zero unsolved. Click any collection name to take you to the unsolved levels of that collection.
06 Apr 2017 16:20 GMT

I would like to see in the catalog how many Levels per Collection I have solved. So I had not to scroll through all Levels to look if one or more are left. Is it possible to manage this?
16 Mar 2017 05:27 GMT

to zoumby: use the settings page to change the background
14 Mar 2017 18:14 GMT

is there a way to change the aspect (color wise and background) of the game. It's very confusing to the eyes
06 Mar 2017 17:52 GMT

I discovered the difference. In the left column of page Catalog I count 170 collections, but when I click on "More information" below, 171 collections on 28 separate pages are shown: on page 11 there's an empty one called "extra collection". So three things must be done: 1) remove "extra collection", 2) change number of collections on page About to 170, and 3) add Namo to table on page About.
06 Mar 2017 17:20 GMT

admin1, at the top of page About you mention 171 collections, but in the table underneath I count 169 pieces. The new collection Namo is missing in that table, and which other one? Or possibly the total number is 170, as can be counted in Catalog.
20 Dec 2016 15:32 GMT

I accidentally created a "personal level" that is impossible to solve. I can't figure out how to edit or delete it. Is this possible?
03 Dec 2016 07:07 GMT

to ogtagon8: sometimes the cached data is used (to reduce the sever load)
30 Nov 2016 09:22 GMT

Why do some levels, example, Lance. Show as completed but my score is not shown in the scores list nor is the level listed in my completed levels list. Only when I go to the level does it show my score and state it is completed... will not update when new High score achieved.
Pages: 123[4]56...979899100101

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