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16 Nov 2016 20:52 GMT

i dont understand how these people have less moves than me i might be off a few but mine come up a thousand or more over sometimes what do they do that im not can someone tell me
16 Nov 2016 19:46 GMT

admin1, once again the field type of average complexity on page About has become a string, so sorting brings 10 after 1, not after 9. Can you restore the field type to numeric with decimals?
31 Oct 2016 01:49 GMT

to Arnold: your method is working well. I can not do better.
23 Oct 2016 21:29 GMT

admin1, thanks a lot for improving page About by adding the average complexity of almost all collections and the 15 (!) numbers of countries. Another question. Level 84 of collection Microban variations (id 31169) is a very large one. The last 5146 moves can't be improved, only the first (average 200) moves can. I figured out a way to improve my score by only changing the first moves, without entering the last thousands again. It's quite easy to do (for me), somewhat devious to explain to other players: a matter of saving and dividing first and last moves, by using snapshot, solution, Notepad and the right part of your wonderful transfer mode solutions.htm. Is it possible to simplify this process with a new tool?
12 Oct 2016 19:40 GMT

admin1, can you add a first column Place (1 to 10) in Top 10 countries on page About, bottom?
18 Sep 2016 13:26 GMT

admin1, on page About I miss the 'average complexity' of some (relatively) new collections: Albizia, Flatland, Maps after all, Original remixed, Sylvain Graveja. Why is that?
14 May 2016 18:46 GMT

Collection Sasquatch IV has 50 levels. All 50 have been solved and best possible sum of moves shows as 20138 but it also shows one player as having solved all 50 in only 19313 moves....?
08 May 2016 09:34 GMT

To admin1, shouldn't in pers. achiev. the value in composite rating change to value and in position could stay the real position? In my case (01.05.16) the value was 40 and the position 31.
07 May 2016 15:45 GMT

If you think that's too expensive, then check "The Talos Principle", that's cheaper. In Steam 9,99€ + extra contents 5,09€ + 1,01€+ 1,24€ = Total 17,42€. You don't have to buy the extras, if you don't like it. Even cheaper. It's also better game.
05 May 2016 17:42 GMT

jormawitick, thanks for the info. The new game is interesting though expensive. I stick to Sokoban on our free and enjoyable site!
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