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13 Feb 2016 13:32 GMT

Utimm & Arnold: Re: Table 5. Realize how the 'points' are awarded 1/1 for 1st, 1/2 for 2nd, 1/3 for 3rd. So the average is showing exactly what you are asking for, just inverted. MaxKlaxx .99 almost all 1st place. JotaCartas .5 average = 2nd place. Dijana .76 approx 1.5 place. MicMac .34 approx 3rd place. Hugo .25 = 4th place. Rose .20 = 5th place... The fraction is the finish. Arnold .4 = average 2.5 place. Utimm .56 = ave 1.79 place.
12 Feb 2016 11:01 GMT

yes, it is possible
12 Feb 2016 08:45 GMT

To Arnold: It must be possible - to get all the points you must have first all the places. Also it is possible to leave the average points column and add a extra column with the average places.
12 Feb 2016 00:29 GMT

admin1, is it possible (computable) to implement the idea of utimm and to make the last column of table 5 'Average place per level'?
09 Feb 2016 15:25 GMT

To Arnold: Yes - that was my idea.
09 Feb 2016 15:13 GMT

utimm, I did misunderstood you indeed and suppose you mean this: maintain table 5, leave column 'Points' unchanged, but change the last column into 'Average place per level' instead of 'Average points per level'. I thought you wanted to replace the entire table, but you only want to change the last column. Correct? That would be an improvement indeed!
09 Feb 2016 12:57 GMT

aenigma soko2 new rekord 116 ??????
08 Feb 2016 09:31 GMT

To Arnold: Why does the player with one solved (first place) level lead the list? - He gets still only one point - JotaCartas has a little bit more points. I think you didn't understand me. An average place value is more interesting than an average points value in rating list 5.
07 Feb 2016 19:21 GMT

jasien, I presume that the list of new players (page Champions, bottom) isn't real time, but that it's stated once a week. If my presumption is correct: admin1, could you please add an asterisk (*) to the header of column Solved?
07 Feb 2016 19:08 GMT

utimm, list 5 includes the average place of a player, but it's more than that: it also incorporates the number of solved levels per player. If only the average place would be computed, a player that has solved just one level and scored the first place could lead the list. Your other idea, to regsiter unique first places, is interesting!
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